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Name Sinduu
Category Cat
Age 13 Months
Sterilization Status Yes
Coat Length Medium
Leash House Trained No
Behavior With Other Animals Good
Behavior With Kids Don't know.

Sindu was hit by a vehicle which partially paralysed one of her legs. She was forced to drag it every time she walked so to prevent any further injuries , we had to amputate it. Now that her surgery is done she is moving around fine and is healed completely. She was extremely anxious and scared of people initially when she had just arrived at the farm, but we have seen her open up gradually with the other doggos and our team. (Treats are her weakness!) She has been through so much and before Peepal Farm she has never met a kind human and so, she has a lot to learn about being a pet! Kangana is a very special girl who deserves a family that'd love her unconditionally and be patient with her to help develop confidence in her. We are sure that with enough affection and lots of treats she will eventually come around and will find out that hoomans aren't that bad after all. Do you think you can be the one to show her ? Click "ADOPT" to bring her home and "SPONSOR" to support her. :)

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