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We, at Jeev Aasharya , firmly believe that humans have been given superior intellect so that they can care for our animals as they do would do for themselves. We also believe that animal welfare is equivalent to social service and is not a business or a platform for personal gains.

If our thoughts resonate with you, we ask you to break the chains that are holding you from within and come forward to support us in this unsel!sh service.

Our Apr month expense in running the Animal Shelter.

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INR 75690
Funds generated
INR 469860
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  •   Priyadarshini donated INR 2100


  •   Divyanshu donated INR 1000


  •   Sumit Singh donated INR 4100


  •   Arkya Ghosh donated INR 2100


  •   Ranjana Bajpai donated INR 500


  •   Yash Agarwal donated INR 2000


  •   Abhishek Baheti donated INR 1100


  •   Saksham Sharma donated INR 2000


  •   Richa Porwal donated INR 500


  •   Sagar Mishra donated INR 3000


  •   Mili Arora donated INR 300


  •   Ankit Singh donated INR 1100


  •   Akansh Chaudhary donated INR 5000


  •   Deepika Yadav donated INR 2100


  •   Mili Arora donated INR 550


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We need these details, along with your complete address and PAN card no, enabling us to send 80G tax exemption receipt of the same.

Communication Details

Financial Assistance Details:

Jeev Aashraya Gaoshala

ICICI Bank, Alambagh, Lucknow

A/c No. 031801002768

IFSC code: ICIC0000318

MICR code: 226229004

Jeev Aashraya Gaoshala


A/c No. 6671000100007787

IFSC code: PUNB0392600

MICR code: 226024027



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For Cash donations please contact us CALL US TO KNOW MORE

The Simplest way of helping us

You may organise a collection drive in your offices / school / society where in people may donate in cash or kind.

Are you a corporate seeking to help for a cause?

CSR activities not only bene!ts the animals but the corporate too reaps bene!ts as it shows to the employees that the company is more than just a money business