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Jeev Aashraya is a non-profit Animal Welfare organization. Founded in 2011 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

We work to promote the Human-Animal bond, animal rescue and rehabilitation, farm animal welfare, animal- free testing and research, education and awareness programs to establish peaceful coexistence between humans and animals.

Jeev Aashraya has been thriving in animal welfare for the past twelve years and is one of the largest active Animal Welfare NGO in Uttar Pradesh which has rescued and rehabilitated over 50,000+ animals till now.

We are dedicated to making continuous efforts to save the lives of animals in every possible way.

Jeev Aashraya has been running a free animal rescue and rehabilitation helpline service throughout the city, since its inception

Anyone can call us if they see any animal in need of help.

Through this helpline we help animals that are injured in road accidents and provides the required veterinary services to the injured animal, within the time frame

Human beings came into existence just recently as per the anthropological timeline. Animals existed for millions of years before that and they play a critical role in our lives and without them we’ll no longer be able to have this Earth. So, let’s love our animals and return their contribution to us by taking care of them!

Our Vision

Without them, our existence is not possible.

Jeev Aashraya envisions a world where all creatures are deserving of a Life free from fear and pain. We believe that animals should be valued by humans to restore our environment, ecosystem, and lives

Our Mission

Conserving with compassion

To achieve the vision of a world where all deserve to be free and happy, we are taking action is to protect and conserve several di!erent species with compassion

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solved as of

Our conservation actions address the threats of Human-Animal equilibrium conflicts.

Besides helping animals, we is largely dedicated towards human welfare by committing a considerable portion of our activities towards improving public health and safety. Jeev Aashraya played an active role in the emergency response during the Nepal earthquake in 2015 and carried out rescue and relief operations.

Through our rescues, responses as well as other hands-on animal care services, we help thousands of animals every year.

We fight all forms of animal cruelty to achieve the vision behind our name : Jeev Aashraya

We Work to

End the cruel practices toward all animals.

Care for animals in crisis.

Build a stronger animal protection movement.

Provide free veterinary services to Strays.

Infuse animal ethics in the hearts of people.

Provide shelters for abandoned and stray animals.

Implement Animals Birth Control (ABC) programs.

Assist in the Adoption of abandoned animals.

Educate and Sensitize people about Animal Welfare.

Encourage volunteer ship to eradicate human-animal conflicts.

Encourage citizens to abide by the law of animal rights.

We Have

Rescuers and caregivers with years of experience.

Passionate advocates working on animal issues around the country and pushing for policy change.

Several localities provide direct care and medical help for animals in need.

Together, we’ve achieved a powerful legacy of change for animals and we’ll never stop fighting for them.

Be a Life Saver. Join us!!

Everyone can play a role in combating the most severe forms of cruelty and abuse.