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Name Jalebi
Category Dog
Age 5 years
Sterilization Status No
Coat Length medium
Leash House Trained no
Behavior With Other Animals Friendly
Behavior With Kids Good

As the name depicts, our JALEBI is as sweet as a jalebi and full of fun and spark. She is an abandoned one who needs a master to add more meaning and love to her life. Adoption of an abandoned is as relaxing as a spiritual practice that gives you contentment. Our Jalebie's adoption will give you that contentment.

Adopt don't Shop

Be a Home - a place that provides security, happiness, contentment, acceptance forgiveness, and overall selfless growth - to these creatures.

Adoption- You will adopt the animal physically. Kindly contact the following numbers for the adoption 8009521111, 8009392222.

Virtual adoption- In this type of adoption, you will be responsible for the financial and emotional support of the adopted animals and we will be accountable for taking good care of them at our shelters.

Sponsor- You will provide Short-term monetary support for the particular animal as a token of love.